Living Legacy

0043Calvin Edsel Beck, MD died early 2015 at 85 Survived by his children (Cal, Julie and Joe), niece Sarah and 12 Grand-Children.  See Obituary

Joe’s Dad taught him to sail.  He showed up one day with a Lighting Sailboat on a trailer in the Drive.  I think he bartered it with some patient who couldn’t pay his medical bill, but I don’t really know how he got it, but it was a new adventure for the Beck Family and his Children became the crew.  He figured out pretty quick, he could tell his office staff, “Girls, I’m going to be on the water sailing for the next 3 hours and I can make it to a phone.”  He found instant freedom and we sailed both days each summer weekend and often on his day off on Wednesday.  He got a book and learn how to sail and we even raced with 5 other Lightings at Lake Jacomo, in Lee Summit, MO consistently coming in last, once we came in 3rd. but only two other boats showed up.  It was never about winning but hanging out with Dad!

The morning of his death, Joe was on a Colgate 26 teaching a couple how to Load a winch, pause for a moment and reflect that his Daddy taught him to sail and now he’s his Living Legacy teaching others the joy of Sailing.